Profit Revolution review: Fraud or Not?

Profit Revolution Review

Profit Revolution

Profit Revolution is another trading bot that has made its way to the mainstream trading market. This trading bot claims to yield $1000 daily according to those traders that have used it. But there are also  Profit Revolution fraud rumors that is circulating across the web. To find out the truth, we tested and reviewed this trading bot. We made this Profit Revolution review in order to answer the big question, “Is the Profit Revolution fraud?”. Read this review to find out.

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What is Profit Revolution?

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Our profit revolution review shows that it is a trading bot that has a reported 88% success rate in all of its trades. This crypto trading bot only requires at least $250 initial capital, and with this small amount, it can earn up to 400% in a single trading session. The software is infused with innovative algorithms that can analyze previous and present market standings and data.

How Does the Profit Revolution Work?

The Profit Revolution works just like conventional trading bots but the software developers make sure to integrate it very well in the peculiar environment of trading. The Profit Revolution’s software is infused with sophisticated algorithms and use various trading strategies formulated by real-life traders. The 88% accuracy is possible because the Profit Revolution is able to speculate on the future of the market with a recorded margin of 0.001 sec. The software then can act immediately to any changes or swing of the market.

Is the Profit Revolution fraud or Legit?

The Profit Revolution is pretty much LEGIT. There are already a number of people that have earned high amounts of money using this trading bot. The high profitability that it claims is due to the breakthrough technology that is used to develop the software. Their high priority for security can also account to the legitimacy of this software. There are rumors that celebrities use this trading bot to trade cryptos. Some testimonials are available on their website. The Demo Mode can also be used to verify how legit the Profit Revolution is. If you are still unsure you can try it yourself. 

Profit Revolution Features

The Profit Revolution has become a mainstream necessity for both newbie and experienced traders because of the various number of helpful features that this software has. These are all the features of the Profit Revolution based on our profit revolution review:

  • Price Predictions

The software design allows the software to analyze and assess the forthcoming wave of the cryptocurrency market using all previous trading data and the present state of the crypto market. With this price prediction capabilities, the Profit Revolution is able to yield over $1000 in a single day. Other traders who have used this trading bot have claimed to earn more. 

  • Secure Database and Website

The Profit Revolution has one of the most secure websites in the market. The SSL technology that the developers reinforced on the website protects all the information of their users. This also prevents access from unwanted parties such as hackers or information thieves. The developers of the Profit Revolution puts a high priority on the security of their users.

  • Assistance from Licensed Brokers

The Profit Revolution provides assistance to their users from regulated brokers. These brokers not only handle all your finance but also gives advice and tips to other traders that use their software. This means that new traders don’t have to fear getting lost in the market because they can seek advice from true professionals whenever they want to.

  • Encrypted Transactions

All of the transactions with Profit Revolution are encrypted so their users can remain anonymous anytime. This feature allows for a more private and safe way of withdrawing money and depositing investments. People who use the Profit Revolution won’t need to worry about other people spying on their financial transactions.

  •  Good Record in the Crypto Trading Community

This profit revolution review discovered that this software has a high trust rating from various communities and organizations in the crypto trading market. There are various users and testimonials who claim to have already earned with the Profit Revolution. I’ve also seen other Profit Revolution review across the internet and all have positive results with this software. There are also claims of some celebrities who have endorsed the Profit Revolution but we have yet to find, but there are famous people who are in favor of trading with cryptos.

  • Quick Withdrawals

Unlike other trading software, the Profit Revolution has a fast withdrawal process. Other trading platforms may take up to weeks to verify a withdrawal request, while the Profit Revolution only takes less than 24 hours for your withdrawal to reflect on your bank account. You can also withdraw all your money if you want to. 

  • Free Software

The Profit Revolution is absolutely free. There are many trading bots in the market and even though they all have the same performance, the majority of those have monthly fees and need subscription before you can start trading. The Profit Revolution on the other hand charge only on transactions. Transactions fees for the Profit Revolution are incredibly cheap. It is also assured that the Profit Revolution doesn’t have any hidden charges, not like other bots. You are only required to deposit $250 and that’s it, you can start trading right away.

  • Demo Mode

An exceptional feature is exclusive to the Profit Revolution. The Demo Mode allows users to try and experience what is really happening in the real cryptocurrency market. Everything displayed in the trade window is real-time and is based on the current standings of the market The Demo Mode doesn’t charge you money, it means that you won’t have to risk yourself even if you lose on some trades. Everything is just for the user to fully immerse into the experience of trading in the cryptocurrency market.

  • Customer Service

Aside from the assistance from their financial experts and brokers, the Profit Revolution also offers Customer Service for inquiries about their accounts and information. Their customer service is available for 24 hours. You can contact them through email and live chats. They have a very friendly agent to receive your calls. Issues are also usually resolved in less than 48 hours.

Profit Revolution features

Profit Revolution: How To Trade

Trading with the Profit Revolution is very simple and easy. The software itself has it’s own built-in guide that contains all of the information on the software and some tips in trading aside from the assistance that you will receive from their financial experts.

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Steps in Creating a Profit Revolution Account

Profit Revolution webpage

Before you can trade, first you have to create an account on their website. The process is very simple. Just follow all these steps and you can start trading right away.

Step 1. Filling in Information

After going to their website just go to the form that is provided on the right side of the page. They will require you to fill in your name, email address and a contact number. You will also provide a password so make sure to create a strong one to protect your account from other people.

Step 2. Deposit your Capital

After verifying your information you will now be redirected to the payment window. They accept different methods of payment like VISA and MasterCard. The broker assigned to you will confirm the transaction first and you will be notified later. This usually takes up to a few minutes.

Step 3. Demo Trading

While waiting, the Demo Mode window will be available for you to try. The trading window contains true data from the market. The live trading feeds are filled with different other traders around the globe. This Demo Mode is free and the risk of losing money here is nonexistent. Use this to fully understand how the software works and to know what is really happening in the real cryptocurrency market.

Step 4. Live Trading

After receiving a notification about the success of your deposit, you can now proceed to the real thing. The Live Trading is the real deal and wrong decisions her might cause for loss of money. But rest assured as the Profit Revolution can handle all of the decisions for you. Turn on the Auto-Trade and let the Profit Revolution make the profit for you.

Profit Revolution Advantage and Disadvantages

This profit revolution review also aims to weigh out the pros and cons of using the Profit Revolution.


Free to use. This is good for rookie traders that is just starting in the market. Rather than gambling on paid trading bots, you can just use the Profit Revolution. The only amount that you will need is $250 and you can readily trade instantly.

Instant profits. The Profit Revolution is able to yield profits the moment that the market makes its movements. Since this bot is automated, it can easily act based on the status of the market. Using its price predictions, the Profit Revolution is one of the quickest ways to earn passively in the cryptocurrency trading market.

Secure and safe. Since all of the possible security features are fully integrated with their web trader and database, traders have no worries about their investment. Their website is also immune to hacking and identity theft.

Trade-in different cryptocurrency exchanges. The Profit Revolution can fully monitor different trading platforms throughout the web. Traders can take advantage of the always fluctuating value of cryptos. The strategies that can be used with the Profit Revolution are diverse because of this cross-platform capability.

It has a community for traders. The Profit Revolution is not just a trading bot, but also a community. Traders can share ideas, strategies and transact with each other. It offers interactions with other traders like a social media.

Receive financial advice from real experts. They have a 1-2-1 assistance system. Their experts will guide new traders across their software and the cryptocurrency trading market itself.


It has no mobile app. The Profit Revolution is only available as a browser app. You will have to bring your personal computer or laptop along with you in order to trade and we have no news yet if their developers have a plan on designing one.

Why People Prefer to Trade With Cryptocurrency?

Cryptos are decentralized. 

The crypto market is not governed by any central bank or authoritarian figure. Every transaction is regulated by each of the members in an exchange. This decentralization allows for cheaper and faster transactions. The transactions only involve those that will buy or sell an asset. This means that the transfer of money is direct and instant.  This is also why transactions with cryptos are cheap as transactions only take place between two individuals or peer-to-peer transactions. In the real world, transactions that involve bans may take up to several days depending on the amount of money involved. This decentralization also means that cryptos are immune to inflation and its value stays the same anywhere around the world. You don’t have to worry about your money being devalued because you traveled to another country. Cryptos can be considered as international money.

Cryptos are intangible. 

As long as you have your digital wallet you can spend and trade with your cryptos anytime and anywhere you want. This accessibility is one of the most notable traits of cryptos. Carrying a high amount of money with you is very hassle and dangerous. With cryptos, you can engage in transactions given that you are connected to the internet.

Cryptos are volatile.

Volatility is a double-edge trait of cryptos. But with enough skill and experience, any trader can take advantage of the volatile nature of cryptos. The high fluctuation rate of the crypto market can be exploited in a way that every violent swing of the market can also mean high amounts of profit. Businessmen and most finance experts love this part of the crypto market.

Cryptos are highly liquid investments.

Since the popularity and trust of cryptos are increasing, so does their importance and liquidity. You can easily exchange cryptos to real-life assets and properties. With this high-level of liquidity, traders can make sure that their investment is growing. Big companies are also accepting cryptos for payment like Microsoft and Starbucks.

Cryptos are scarce. 

Unlike fiat money, the number of cryptos that are yet to be mined is getting low. While the cryptos are becoming scarce, its price also increases. Experts see cryptos as good long-term investments. One good example is the Bitcoin. The Bitcoin’s price started with less than a dollar, but now its price is about $8000 per coin. The number of Bitcoin left to be mined is just about 21 million. In just a few years, experts projected the price of Bitcoin to be over $100K. Like Bitcoins, other cryptos’ price is increasing as their number is getting less throughout the years through mining.

Profit Revolution review: Conclusion

The Profit Revolution is worth trying and this profit revolution review is worth of your time. The features are enough reasons to trust this trading bot. Other traders who have used the Profit Revolution have already claimed to earn up to 500% from a starting investment of $250. With a software that boasts 85%, profit is definitely assured once you used the Profit Revolution to trade your cryptos. They have a high emphasis on security for their users and they already established a community for their traders.

You can test the Profit Revolution if you want to because they have a Demo Mode. Use this feature to test if the highly acclaimed profitability of the Profit Revolution is real or not. Even if there are plenty of Profit Revolution fraud reviews on the internet, the way that the software is made will speak up for itself. Those are probably just marketing strategies that aim to spread negative rumors for the Profit Revolution.

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